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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tracking GA Amendment Voting

Want to track the voting on Amendments to the Constitution, sent down by the 219th General Assembly for votes by the presbyteries? The Office of the General Assembly maintains a running tally online.

This is the official tally; however, a couple of advocacy organizations are providing their own online tracking of the voting on Amendment 10-A (which would provide new text to replace G-6.0106b, having to do with qualifications for ordained officers).

The Covenant Network, which favors passage of the new language, is one of these.

Another is the Presbyterian Coalition, which would like to see the present language retained.

What's the difference? The GA tally, as I've said, is the only official one. The only way information gets added to it is when presbytery stated clerks report their presbytery's vote on the official reporting form, and staff members of the Office of the General Assembly post those results.

Besides getting information from the official tally, the websites of the advocacy organizations may also accept results from unofficial reports, sent in by supporters of their organization. For that reason, those tallies may be a little more up to date than the official tally. However, since they are unofficial, they could also contain incorrect information.

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