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Monday, July 5, 2010

Tonight's Tweets

As a public service, I'm posting some tweets that have come in during the last few minutes to Twitter #ga219, reporting on actions taken by various Assembly committees. These come from a variety of people who have been sitting in the committee meeting rooms, so I can't vouch for their accuracy. By and large, though, I think we can trust them.

The most recent are listed first:

Committee 16 recommends extending Heidelberg Catechism Special Committee to GA 220 to cont. translation work.

Committee 16 recommends Belhar Confession to full assembly 43-11-1.

Committee 14 recommends approval of MRTI report, includes denouncing Caterpillar's profiting from non-peaceful use of its products in M.E.

Committee 12 recommends Report of Special Committee to Study Issues of Civil Union & Christian Marriage to full assembly 47-8-2.

Committee 4 recommends MGB Commission as amended by vote of 38-4-2. Commission actions will require 2/3 vote, not simple majority.

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