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Monday, June 28, 2010

Blogging from General Assembly

I'll be attending the entire General Assembly except for the final half-day, and will be using this blog as a place to post random reflections on the experience. Look for my posts to come more frequently than they usually do, and to have a different character.

I won't make an effort to be comprehensive in reporting on Assembly actions. Look to the Presbyterian News Service - not to mention the Assembly's live web-streaming of debates - for that. What I plan to provide is my own viewpoint of the Assembly, based on the personal encounters and conversations I have, as well as what I see and hear of the official meetings and associated special events.

I've been asked to put in some time as a floor parliamentarian, as well - sitting by one of the microphones during several of the plenary sessions, helping commissioners craft the motions they'd like to make. I don't know at this point how much of that I'll be doing, or when - I'll find out more at a training session after I get there - but it should provide a different sort of perspective.

Think of it as a man-on-the-street report - different from the traffic-helicopter perspective of the News Service and the C-SPAN give-us-everything style of the live-stream video.

I'll be attending the Association of Stated Clerks meeting from June 29-July 2, then the General Assembly from July 3-10.

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